About us

Inseparably linked with modern refined style and timeless elegance, the Prince Oliver brand has been for more than 30 years not just the name of an extended clothing and footwear chain, but also a workshop of ideas of high aesthetics and superior products. With avant-garde design, unparalleled quality , Italian DNA , cosmopolitan roots, international radiation, but also with Greek management and staff , represents a well-thought-out way to achieve personal glory, always in value for money prices.

As a premium brand that loves both the discreet, affordable and down-to-earth luxury as well as the unrivaled freshness of modern, it is an exciting journey of discovering style and a kaleidoscopic prism of exploration of the spirit of the time. With values , emotions and constant support for creative freedom follows trends, designs fabrics, embraces textures, adapts innovations and suggests tailored and casual collections for men and women, as well as denim clothing, underwear, shoes, bags, watches, perfumes, ties and accessories. At the same time, maintains its leading role in formal suits, those for the most important moments of life and especially for the man who intends to go up the steps of the church or the town hall.

Freed and unbound from conventional design forms and standard stylistic codes, it translates the needs of the public into complete proposals and acts as a forerunner of aesthetic developments. Thus, it can and does offer appropriate answers to the key questions constantly asked by the Fashion industry, which is known to be a reflection of society, but also to the ever-changing scenarios of modern life – where the only constant, in the end, is the continuous change! With new classic and forever modern approach, it presents pieces that can not be missing from any updated collection and composes a complete look that is comfortable, neat, stylish and flexible.

With its new (2020) verbal identity and philosophy Break the Rules” encourages and proposes the importance of promotion of personal elements in style, which comes through the transgression of sterile dress codes. However, just as any fruitful reversal of the rules requires strong theoretical and practical foundations, also this requires deep knowledge and proven experience: “Know, follow, break, shape and live by your own rules”, this is the prompt of a brand with a personality that does not fit into molds nor is it limited to studios.

The Prince Oliver brand is fully managed by the company Magnifico SA based in Athens and employs a total of about 200 employees in Greece and Cyprus, directly or through partner companies. As a responsible member of society and a company aware of environmental issues, it strongly supports the energy and resources saving in all its stores and uses mainly recyclable materials for their interior and exterior decoration. In addition, with initiatives and donations silently assists agencies and organizations that serve our fellow human beings in need.